Another of Ty's crackpot schemes

In a not completely unexpected move, as part of the Eddyflower Vertical Challenge (check the standings here. Look for team Leif and Natalie.), Ty convinced me to paddle from Aspen to Glenwood. He called me up, claiming that we could get over 2000 feet of vertical in under 3 hours. I said that I wanted to live. Then he described the run, and I instantly asserted that I would have nothing to do with it. "This is a completely crackpot scheme," I said, (or something to that effect).

Next thing you know, we were at the putin. It's about 40 miles from Aspen to Glenwood. We managed to recruit Morgan from CRMS, and recruit some long boats too. We decided that we would skip Slaughterhouse, since that would add another hour to our already ludicrous day.

I had grabbed a Wavehopper, since I'm so lazy and all. If you've never paddled a downriver boat... don't. It's so hard. As we got into the boats at the Toothache putin, I told Morgan and Ty that I couldn't eddy out. My plan was to just keep the boat pointed downstream and brace furiously. If they passed me, I would backpaddle. After about 3 hours of bracing, my legs were sore, so we eddied out. That was one of two stops that we made.

The other stop was takeout. As expected, it was well after dark when we arrived. Also, Morgan didn't make it. He was a good guy, though.


  1. Tell him that next time he is not allowed to stop to pee. By the way he is afraid that you would be faster in the downriver race in Salida if you start. I will buy you icecream every time we see us this summer if you do it!!!!


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