Slater Creek

Natalie and I checked out Slater Creek way back around May 2008, but it was the first group of photos that I laid hands on, so I decided to post it first. Also, there aren't many photos.

We got stuck while trying to find the falls, which killed about half the day. We were pretty glum about it, since we thought that we wouldn't be able to get in to the falls through the snow. We drove around the back roads in the area and eventually decided to ask directions at the hunting lodge nearby. They told us how to find the falls, and we eventually ended up driving right back to where we'd gotten stuck, parking there, and hiking down the hill to the creek.

When we finally arrived at the creek, we found that it was in full flood. We had been hoping to run some of the rapids upstream, not just the falls, but decided that the upper run was out of the question.

After a careful safety discussion, I suited up and gave the falls a shot.

The results were less than spectacular. The falls didn't seem to have a really defined lip, so I ended up just sort of rolling off and getting lost in the foam. Also, since I totally missed my boof, I went a little deeper than I should have, and brushed the bottom of the river. Not satisfied, I went for a second run.

This time, I tried to get more speed, and get a little farther river right, which is a bad idea at normal flows, since the right side is even shallower than the left. At these flows, it worked great. I still missed my boof, so I'm taking a huge air whiff recovery stroke, but I bounced off a rock flake at the lip, so I was out of the foam. Overall, I think that all came together to make for a beautiful photo.

All photos here were taken by Natalie Kramer, shown to the left, except for the two photos which are OF Natalie. Those two were taken by Leif Anderson.


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