The Long Drive Back from the Slave

Louise Falls

The slave is far away. Like, real far. The drive is not that exciting on its own. So As Natalie, Conor and I drove back, we looked for entertainment on the way. This entertainment took the form of Louise falls and Lundbreck falls.

Louise falls is the little sister of the famous (former) world record Alexandria falls, first run by Ed Lucero, then later by Tyler Bradt and Rush Sturges. I believe that the current record is held by Paul Gamache. Anyway, we looked at Alexandria, and decided that we were not up to it. However, Conor and I have been curious about Louise falls for a while. On the drive back, we scouted it out, and it looked good to Conor. I was scared (there, I said it) and opted to run safety.

"You see, Conor, you want to go over there."
"Thanks Leif."

Hiking down to the falls

Conor ran the slide on the left side of the falls. We decided that the water was low enough and the view bad enough that we wouldn't try the straight drop. The pictures tell the story just fine, but in case you're blind, the line is about a 20 foot drop onto a pretty flat slab, then a big water slide into a crashing wavehole. The overall drop is about 40 feet, more or less.

Conor was very modest about the run. He says that since it was so easy, there's no way that it was a first descent. I think that it was a first D. If anyone knows for sure, please speak up. Conor's run was late in the afternoon of 8/18/2008.

Checking out the vertical drop after Conor's run

After Louise falls, we drove for a full day, and camped out at Lundbreck falls, which is near Calgary. This was a 30 foot park and huck. The water was a little low, but good enough. It was a chilly morning, and overcast, but we were lucky enough to get a couple breaks in the clouds for some awesome photos.

I think the story is best told with pictures.

"It's a hard landing. Watch out for your nuts."
"Thanks Leif."

Pow. Right in the nuts.

All photos by Natalie Kramer.


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