Monday, June 30, 2008

Crested Butte Classics

Recently we've been going through the photo archives and post-dating photos from old groups. I suppose "recently" is kind of meaningless in that context, but anyway, here are some photos from the Crested Butte creeks; Oh Be Joyful, Slate, Daisy, and the Upper Upper East. The photos are a mixture of several different runs, with different people on different days.

Leif Anderson on Early Bird Falls, above the usual run on the Upper Upper East. Dan Rubado Photo.

The Whitman College Alumni Kayak Team contemplates Stupid Falls. Photo by Natalie Kramer.

Sam (or was it Alex? Shit!) on Avalanche in OBJ. Photo by Leif Anderson.

Alex (or was it Sam? Shit!) on Avalanche. Photo by Leif Anderson.

Sam (or maybe Alex) on the money drop, OBJ. Photos by Natalie Kramer.

Dan's strap backpack system. Lightweight and compact. Perfect for medium length hikes. Photo by Natalie Kramer.

Leif on the first drop of OBJ. Photo by Natalie Kramer.

Leif in the logjam below Avalanche. Photo by Natalie Kramer.

Leif on Rip Your Head Off, Daisy Creek. Photo by Natalie Kramer.

Natalie on one of the many slides of OBJ. Photo by Leif Anderson.

Natalie on the big one, OBJ. Leif messed this photo up. He should have been standing a little tiny bit off to the side so that branch didn't block the midair shot.

Natalie on the 8 foot boof near the beginning of OBJ. Leif photo.

Natalie on Avalanche. Leif photo.

Leif and Dan hiking into Daisy. Natalie Kramer Photo.

Leif and Dan on one of those OBJ slides. Natalie Kramer photo.

Leif on the big drop, OBJ. Photos by Natalie Kramer.

Leif rockin the first OBJ drop. I have a framed print of this on my wall, it's so pretty. Photo by Natalie Kramer.

Leif on that first drop again. Natalie photo.

Leif and Dan hiking some more... (Natalie Kramer photo)

Leif and Dan on Avalanche. Natalie photo.

Leif and Dan right above the big drop. Natalie photo.

Leif and Dan on Daisy creek. Natalie photo.

Dan and Leif on the last OBJ slide. Natalie Kramer photo.

Dan on the first OBJ drop. It makes an awesome photo until you realize that he's actually sideways and rolling off the lip. Well, even then, it's cool looking. Natalie Kramer photo.

Dan on Big Wood Falls, Daisy creek. Somehow between this shot and the landing, he rolled upsidedown and tilted to vertical. Craziest thing. He was totally fine, too. Natalie Kramer photo.

Dan Rubado on one of the OBJ inbetween slides. Photo by Natalie.

Alex (...or Sam...) cheering an awesome day of boating. Sam (...or Alex...) photo.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Grand Canyon '08

I worked as a baggage woman on a 14-day grand canyon trip as a for Robby Pitagora of Rapid Creek. This was my second time working for Robby, and as always, I had a great time. We took OARS clients down to phantom ranch. We then took donors and employees of the Environmental Defense Fund down the second half (Phantom Ranch to Whitmore Wash). And a thrid group (who turned out to be great) from Whitmore Wash to Diamond. I was greatly impressed with the effectiveness of EDF in aligning environmental issues with economic interests. I feel that this is the best way to promote a greener world, for significant, pro-environment changes will only occur when those changes are in the best interest of business. A great example of their work and one which we talked a great deal about on the trip was the revitalization of the America's fisheries, check it out at

below are a few photos of my trip taken by Robby.

Jalinda revelling in her mutiny of Sean's Dory

Natalie hanging out in upper Elves Chasm

Grand Canyon Majesty (this is why we come back)

My baggage assistant, Tom

This was the EDF night that we talked about those fisheries

Handyman and baggage boatman, Chip
Natalie gearing up for a surf session in the Inflatable Kayak

Last night with EDF, we had incredibly juicy steaks